Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction is the use of technology to restore power factor.

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction is the use of technology to restore power factor as close to unity as possible. This is usually achieved by the additional use of capacitors to the electrical network.  Although capacitor banks help with power factor correction, they definitely leave room for improvement. Enerdoor understood this and developed a new technology, the FINSVG, which provides a better solution for power factor correction than the commonly used capacitor banks.

The Enerdoor FINSVG Static Var Generator benefits markets by saving money and energy by using power factor correction. Power Factor, or the ratio of real power to apparent power, has an ideal measurement of 1. Low power factor not only creates additional costs, it also causes unnecessary stress on equipment in the facility- which leads to premature failure.  

Most loads in modern facilities are inductive loads such as motors and transformers. An induction motor requires working power (Kw) to perform the actual work and reactive power (kVAR) to sustain the magnetic field. Other devices with non-linear loads that affect power factor are rectifiers, fluorescent lamps, electric welding or arc furnaces.

Unlike capacitor banks, the FINSVG is immune to harmonics through active load balancing by advanced digital control. The compensation capacity never declines and the system is capable of compensating both inductive and capacitive reactive power. 

The Enerdoor FINSVG offers compensation starting at 30 KVAR with a modular design and can be either wall or rack mounted. It is available starting at 208 Vac and may be installed in either a single unit system or multiple, parallel modules for entire facilities. The parallel concept allows for easy installation in new or existing applications

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