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Voltage Stabilizers

Finmotor offers a full voltage stabilizer line which regulates voltage through a series of transformers. For more info please visit our brochure or contact your local sales rep or Enerdoor engineer at 

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Surge Arresters

Finmotor has a full line of Surge Arresters designed to improve equipment protection.

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SPS - Parma Trade Show

Finmotor, along with Enerdoor, recently attended the SPS trade show in Parma, Italy. We love meeting with clients and discussing EMI/ RFI products, motor protection and CE Testing.

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CE Certification and Consulting

The Finmotor Group, including Finlab Laboratory, is an industry leader with 20+ years experience in CE Certification and EMC testing.  Call today for your CE Certification questions!

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Having harmonic disturbance problems?

Thinking about Power Quality?
Having harmonic disturbance problems?
Check out Finmotor's Harmonic Filter series!

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Finmotor products are used in various industrial markets and applications.

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With 25+ years experience, Finmotor manufacturers surge protectors, transformers and EMI-RFI filters to protect main power lines.  We test and provide power quality solutions with active and passive harmonic filter solutions and manufacturer devices such as output reactors, dV/dt filters and snubbers for protect motors.  

Istruzioni generali sulle applicazioni

  • Guida per il corretto uso dei filtri antidisturbo e bobine di uscita
  • Requisiti di installazione generale
  • Requisiti generali per l'uso
  • Ispezioni periodiche dei filtri elettrici
  • Guida per lo stoccaggio

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Esempi di applicazioni schemi elettrici

Esempi di applicazioni

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Criteri e specifiche sulle applicazioni.

  • Classificazione generale di interferenza
  • Riduzione dei livelli di interferenza : Filtri RFI
  • Riferimento Normative
  • Classificazione degli ambienti industriali in accordo ai livelli normativi EMC

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